Version 1.4 - What's new?

Version 1.4 of Awesome US got released just in time for SMACC DUB and includes a plethora of improvements.

-New and better clips of normal lungs and of the normal A4C view of the heart.

-Improvements to the remote controller portion if the app.

Before v.1.4 the app could malfunction if more than one buton on the controller was pushed down at once. Starting with 1.4 this no longer is the case as only one button can be activated at any given time. Big thanks to the quality testers that are my sons for finding this issue!

-New 'Help'-switch in monitor mode

Got the request from one of the consultants at work to add this feature. Not sure if this is nessecary, but at least I've got a userbase of 1 after this update. Flipping the switch reveals a text interpretation of the current clip. May be that this makes thing too easy for anyone that isn't a consultant, so use with caution...