Teaching using A.U.S. -a few examples

The word about Awesome Ultrasound Simulator is spreading around the world, but more important; It's use in in-situ simulation is real and effective.

In Toronto, Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak is using earlier, actual, trauma cases in the simulation at the emergency department at St Michaels hospital in his TRUST study. POCUS is a critical component to aid the modern doctor in diagnosing and treatment of trauma patients, and simulating the POCUS examination adds both educational value, and added realism to the simulaiton case.

In Amsterdam, Dr. Hans van Schuppen is using Awesome Ultrasound Simulator in advanced CPR training, of his anaestesia residents. POCUS can, and should, be used in every cardiac arrest scenario, both in real life and in simulation.


Great work, Hans and Andrew, and good luck with your education endavours!