2.0.3 update

Another update to improve the functionality of the app. This includes one resolved issue that prevented one of the four possible possible FAST exams from showing. Most annoying, but now fixed. The monitor portion of the simulation setup randomizes which exam that will be presented, why different examinations/cases now can display different images. This will make interpretations a bit harder, as images will not be instantly recognizable as one or the other of the two possible; normal or pathologic.


New feature: app can now be launched directly into either monitor- or remote mode via 3D Touch to the app icon on devices that supports this (6S, 7). This speeds up the process somewhat as you can bypass the start screen, which is always nice if time is of the essence.

Thanks a lot everyone for your support! I know that many new users are coming from recommendations by current users, which truly feels rewarding on its own. If you have the time or interest, leaving a rating for the app in the AppStore (written or star doesn't matter) would help a lot.

Until next time, happy simulations!!!